Bristol Palin criticizes Malia and Sasha for Obama gay marriage policy shift

I am not real sure what her intent was, but she failed.  I thought the children were off limits.  What makes her think she has any right to say anything about the President's kids?  I hope she is called out for this. 

Bristol Palin attacked the first family for influencing President Obama on gay marriage in a blog post suggesting that it is inappropriate for a president to be swayed by their family when making policy decisions.

Palin bases her premise on the charge that the media often attacks conservative candidates using their religion against them, by suggesting that a female Christian woman would be too greatly influenced by her husband because of the Christian doctrine that a wife must "submit" to their husband.

It's ironic that Bristol Palin would go after the president's daughters when her mother, Sarah Palin, asked the media to keep her family out of politics.

"I'm not whining about the treatment of the press," Palin said in 2009, "but I am calling reporters on the family aspect of this. I think it's unprecedented in some respects what I have seen with my children."

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