Game Show Idea

My game show will be about being the best athlete you can be. Its a game show were you have to beat a certain amount of obstacles.  The point is you have to finish the courses in a faster time than your opponents time. The first obstacle is you have to run 40 yards down a football field as fast as you can run catching the most footballs best out of ten.  After the hard work of catching, you have to run up 30 steps of stairs sliding down a steep slide into a pool of blue dye.

After swimming in the pool of dye, you will pull yourself up a very high 14 feet pull up bar, and the challenging part is you can't fall into a unknown deep pool of slime.  The next very hard challenging obstacle is you have to go across a swinging handle less bridge with very powerful swinging punching bags that you have to dodge including not falling into the foam bath.  Next there's another bridge but this time its easier and not swinging.
you have to run across a really narrow bridge with automatic punching gloves trying to knock you into a pool of washable paint.  Once accomplished you now swing across vines trying to make it across, and watch out below there's a slime pit added with feather that will stick if you fall in.  Last but not least you swing on the ninja warrior zip line, were you make it across a rope with no handle to hang on to across the warrior finish line.  There you have achieved the ninja warrior award.  Also included with the award is a cash prize of $10,000 that you can spend anyway you want.

Author - Jimonte Bill
Sign Illustration - Jermiah Franks and Cameron Flowers

The Book of Negroes

The award-winning novel, The Book of Negroes, was highlighted during the 2014 BET awards.  It is reported to premiere in Cannes on Thanksgiving Day.  Check out the details here:  The Book of Negroes

Drama at the 2014 BET Awards... ALREADY!

ABC NEWS has reported a fatal shooting at a couple of "unauthorized and unaffiliated parties."  A least one person is said to have been killed and another five injured.  This is sad on so many levels.  First, thoughts and prayers go out to the families.  Yet again, another loss of life goes down to gun violence. Secondly, this comes on the hills of a record year for the BET Awards.  In 2013, the show posted the highest ratings on television.  However, this incident - even though it is tangentially related - will cast a dark shadow over Black Entertainment.  I am willing to bet you... it will overshadow the performances.  When will the madness stop?
Read more:  ABC News

Is this the end of "The View" as we know it?

The View has aired on ABC since August 11, 1997 -  a concept conceived by Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie.  Now that Barbara has officially retired, the show has made some dramatic changes. Some of the recent changes, according to the New York Daily News,  were the reportedly firing of Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd.  This leaves only one cast member standing -  Whoopi Goldberg.  Do you think the show will continue to exist in it's current form or is this the end of "The View" as we know it?  Read more:  News One

Your thoughts?

Kevin "HEART" show love: Donates $50,000 to Texas Southern University Marching Band

This is really awesome! On Juneteenth it was reported that Kevin Hart pledged a whopping $50,000 to Texas Southern University‘s marching band.  This is great because there is always chatter about HBCU's being in financial trouble.  In fact, as recent as 6 months ago, the The Root posted an article, entitled, "Cash-Strapped HBCUs Seek a Lifeline ."   The article mentioned some of the shortcomings and how the schools have seen federal and state funding diminish.   It is definitely refreshing when someone shows genuine interest and SUPPORT for HBCU's.  I often say, "a vision without finances is just a hallucination!"   Way to go Kevin!  Now,  if only ALL the HBCU Alums would just donate a fraction of Kevin paid, then the schools wouldn't be in trouble!

Now you say what?

R.I.P. Actor Meshach Taylor

Meshach Taylor, best known for his Emmy-nominated role as Anthony Bouvier in "Designing Women"  and for his part in "Mannequin" has died.  According to the LA Times,  Tariq, Meshach Taylors's son, confirmed that “he was in hospice care at his family’s home in Altadena, surrounded by family when he died at 10:47 p.m.”  opposite Dabney Coleman.

 Read more here:  LA Times

Derek Fisher: New head coach of the NEW YORK KNICKS!

Congratulations to Derek Fisher, the brand new head coach of the New York Knicks.  I wonder will Carmelo Anthony stay there now.  At any rate, bold move for Phil Jackson and the Knicks organization.  What are your thoughts?  If the Knicks are trying to rebuild the organization and put someone on the roster that knows Phil Jackson and his system, then they made a move that will definitely accommodate that.  Now, how will the other coaches and players react.  Welcome your comments

Praying for Tracy Morgan

Send your prayers up for Tracy Morgan whom was injured in a six-vehicle pile up Saturday with one person being reported dead.  Morgan, 45, was traveling in what some are reporting as a "limo bus" with a handful of others on the New Jersey Turnpike in Cranbury.  Currently, James McNair, of Peekskille, New York, a passenger in the limo bus, reportedly didn't make it.   Please send prayers up for Morgan and the families of the passengers.

Full Story Here:  L.A. Times

Book - Reflections: What I Know to Be True, by Jema Hill Cook

Listen to the interview about the book here:

Jema K. Hill Cook is a wife, mother, trainer and motivational speaker. She and her family are very active at their church. She serves on several ministries. Jema believes that every behavior has a purpose and that we have to teach people how to treat us. She is a dynamic and inspirational speaker and has a unique way of connecting with her audience regardless of the setting.  She is currently pursuing her second Master Degree in Professional Counseling from Amberton University in Garland, Texas.

Reflections:  What I Know to Be True."  is a book that takes a journey through the joy and pain of life; it looks at how one can find peace and security amidst the constant assault of life’s trials;  and how one can find sunshine through the hovering dark clouds above. It is more that a book, it is an experience.  Reach out and connect with this awesome author.  Visit her Facebook Page: and press the Like Button.

You can get a copy of the book by going to

The Case for War: Is there ever any GOOD reason?

According to a recent report, Secretary of State John Kerry contends that blood and hair samples collected from first responders yielded the definite proof that Assad unleashed globally banned chemical weapons that killed over 1400 people - including a bit more than 400 children [DAILY NEWS].

Sure, one can argue if you attack our country - "THE GOOD OL' US of A"  we should strike back - and strike back with a vengeance!   However, when it comes to anything outside of that - should we REALLY get involved.  Besides, the ones that are making the decisions are NOT the ones that end up on the front lines, flying above the skylines, or out in the deep blue sea.

So, when you hear The Obama administration has increased the pressure on Congress to take action in Syria - simply because there is "evidence" that Bashar Assad’s regime used sarin gas on its own people - how does it make you feel?  Is this a GOOD reason to go to war?  What are our interests in Syria?

If your question is, "what is war?"  I encourage you to look at a few definitions:

War is an organised and often prolonged armed conflict that is carried out by states or non-state actors. It is characterized by extreme violence, social disruption, and economic destruction. War should be understood as an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities, and therefore is defined as a form of political violence or intervention.

1  a (1) : a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations (2) : a period of such armed conflict (3) : state of war
    b : the art or science of warfare
    c (1) obsolete : weapons and equipment for war (2) archaic : soldiers armed and equipped for war

2  a : a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism
    b : a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end
    c : variance, odds 3

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