Should Children Be Spanked at School? [VIDEO]

An interesting article written by Yunji DeN Nies peaked my interest a little while ago.  The article was about "capital" punishment in our school system (i.e paddling or spanking).  After reading the article, I wanted to reach out to the social networks to start a dialog about this topic.  Hopefully, it would spark some good conversation to see whether or not people were for or against paddling in school. 

To be quite honest, I was spanked in school. I do recall when I was spanked in schoool, it did alter my behavior.  As a result, if I knew I would be paddled for performing a certain act, I would be less likely to commit that act.  Therefore, I can understand why some would argue for paddling.   However, when I look at my five year old son, I often wonder how would I respond if I knew he was paddled in school - especially enough to leave bruises. What do you think? If your child misbehaves in school, should your child be spanked or paddled? Why or Why not?  

Here is a brief synopsis of the article.  After reading, let me know what you think. "It is one of the most controversial methods of child discipline, but spanking in school -- usually with a wooden or fiberglass paddle -- is still allowed by law in 19 states. The practice is most prevalent in the Midwest and South. According to a report from the Juvenile Information Exchange, more than 28,500 students in Georgia were spanked in 2008, mostly in rural counties.

The number is much smaller in Florida -- around 3,600 last year -- but that's where the issue is getting new attention.  For the second year in a row, NPR reported, a Florida lawmaker is trying to ban corporal punishment in schools there; last year the measure never made it to the floor for a full vote.

Opponents of the ban say spanking is matter of tradition and good old-fashioned discipline. But at least one Florida mom is suing to stop the practice. Tenika Jones says the principal at the Joyce Bullock Elementary School in Levy County paddled her 5-year-old so severely last April that he cried for hours, triggering an asthma attack, which in turn required a trip to the emergency room.
The boy was spanked for roughhousing with another student on a school bus. Jones said her son had welts on his buttocks, missed a week of school and still has nightmares about the incident.

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