Freedom Friday: 4 Steps To Raising A Well Adjusted Child

I agree that parents must do a better job of raising their kids. I understand the need for parents to want their children to have more and do more than they did, but some of the basics that sustained us is still needed.   Love, time and attention are needed more than things and gadgets!!

In this day and age when families are blended, overworked and over-scheduled , parents must try to do their best to raise a well adjusted child.

Here are some tips to help you along the way.

1- Let your child know they are more important than work by giving them eye contact and attention. Your child doesn’t just need you around, they need you present. Play with your child, interact with them, find out what is important to them by asking questions and listening to their answers.Children know when you are interested in them

2-Teach your child – don’t assume it’s all happening outside the house. Home schooling is every parent’s job. Whether your child attends public or private school, or receives all their schooling at home, it is essential to the world’s best future that parents are the ones to fill in the blanks. You will also know if something that is against your rules and values is being taught.

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