Family counts down to 'Aimee Day' for woman fighting flesh-eating bacteria

This is so sad. I will just continue to pray for the family during this time.

"Aimee Day" can't come soon enough.

That is the holiday -- date still to be determined -- Andy Copeland hopes for as his daughter Aimee fights off virulent flesh-eating bacteria that turned her life upside down in less than two weeks.

Her fight won't be over on Aimee Day. She will likely need dialysis for some time to help her kidneys function, and rehab to adjust to life without her left leg, part of her abdomen and perhaps other body parts that surgeons may still remove because of her disease.

Still, on that day, the 24-year-old University of West Georgia graduate student should be able to breathe on her own, after medical staff remove a tube now stuck down her throat that is being used to regulate her oxygen level. And her parents and her sister should, again, hear her voice.

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