NBA sets mark for most minority coaches

I am not surprised by this.  I often at the start of the NFL and NBA seasons check to see if there are any new Black coaches.  Every year, the NBA surprises me with another one.

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers was a little surprised by the number, though not by the trend.

Fourteen NBA head coaches are black, tying the 30-team league's own record for the most ever in a U.S. pro league.

"I didn't even know that it's half, which is probably a better sign," Rivers said recently. "I don't think it's a big deal any more, especially in our league and I think we probably set the tone in all leagues in that way."

He's right.

The NBA already held the record for most black coaches when it had 14 in 2002. It briefly surpassed that total this season for about 24 hours in March after Mike Woodson was promoted in New York and before Nate McMillan was fired in Portland. McMillian was replaced by Kaleb Canales -- who became the first Mexican-American coach.

"I'm glad that it has escalated to the point that it's at where so many have opportunities, but the NBA with David Stern have been unbelievable as far as minorities getting an opportunity to coach and go into front offices," Cleveland coach Byron Scott said. "I think the NBA is so much farther ahead than any other major sport."

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