CPAC: Mitt Romney wins straw poll of conservative activists

It looks like Williard wore the crowd down. If he wins Maine, this could be the turning point for Williard. The CPAC crowd is hard core Republican, it is amazing that they voted for Mitt in the long run. This race is really heating up now!!!!

Reporting from Washington— Mitt Romney won a presidential preference straw poll of party activists at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, giving him a morale boost after a trio of losses earlier in the week that suggested the Republican base was still cool to the tentative front-runner.

Romney was the choice of 38% of the 3,408 CPAC attendees who voted in the poll, and Rick Santorum finished second with 31%. Newt Gingrich won 15% and Ron Paul had 12%.

Romney, Santorum and Gingrich addressed the conference on Friday. In his speech, Romney described himself as having been a "severely conservative" governor and a Washington outsider.

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