President Obama offers to find woman's husband a job during Google+ chat

This President has made himself to be very accessible. He really cares about people. I am sure the backlash will follow if the lady's husband is fortunate enough to get a job. I applaud the lady for asking the President some tough questions about work Visas.

President Obama has pledged not to rest until everyone looking for a job finds one. On Monday, he upped the ante on that promise, volunteering to help a woman find work for her unemployed husband.

Obama was answering questions from so-called ordinary Americans during an online chat that was broadcast on the Google+ Hangout social media site and YouTube when a woman named Jennifer Weddel, of Texas, told him that her husband, an engineer, had been unable to find a position in his chosen field for three years.

Weddel wanted to know Obama’s position on the H1B work visa, which allows employers to sponsor foreigners who offer specialized skills.

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