Skype buys GroupMe group-texting service

I am pretty sure this is a big deal.  There are so many deals happening in the technology world that it is hard to keep up with them.  I don't know much, but I do know that this is a big deal.

Skype has acquired GroupMe, a New York-based group text messaging service for smartphones.

The two companies announced the deal without saying just how much Skype was paying for GroupMe, but the website AllThingsD has reported that the price came in at about $85 million.

GroupMe -- which can be used by way of SMS text message, or through apps on Apple's iOS, Google's Android and BlackBerry phones and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 -- is just about a year old, started by Steve Martocci and Jared Hecht.

"Over the last few months we had been in talks with Skype that started with discussions about potential commercial partnerships," GroupMe said in a blog post Sunday. "As we got to know the core Skype team better, though, and as our conversations evolved, it quickly became evident that our visions were perfectly aligned. Both companies are focused on changing the way the world communicates and helping people stay in touch with the people they really know. With a shared vision -- an ambitious one -- we decided our efforts to own real-time communications and the real life network could be best executed as one company."

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