Most of House passes on town halls

Of course they passed on town halls. They do not want to answer the questions from the people. Two years ago when the President first was elected and was trying to pass health care, they were all over the place telling untruths. This summer, with the economy as worse as it has ever been for most of us, they are no where to be found. They expect people to just believe what they say without question. Well, my friend, those days are over!!!!

Nearly 60 percent of House lawmakers are not holding free, open-to-the-public town halls during the August break, according to a survey released Monday from the nonpartisan group No Labels.

The organization’s members dialed every House member’s office and found that 174 – or about 40.5 percent – were holding public events, while 256 – or about 59.5 percent – were not. Democrats were more likely to shun town halls, with 68 percent of them not holding any, compared to about 51 percent of House GOP who were avoiding them.

“Our concern is that elected officials are only hearing from their respective partisan bases and will not expose themselves to criticism,” said No Labels co-founder William Galston, who is a former policy adviser to President Bill Clinton. “Politics is about competing ideas, and everyone should have a seat at the table.”

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