Mandatory Evacuations and the Poor

I have often wondered about those that have no where to go when they are forced to leave their homes. How can you leave everything you have with no guarantees? We take so much for granted. We think because we can, everyone else can as well. I hope we take a class in human kindness and concern. We must do a better job of looking after one another.

Nothing will force you to come to grips with what really matters to you and what doesn't like being told you have to leave your home quickly and can only take so much -- only what you truly can't live without -- and that you must accept that whatever you leave behind you may never see again. When I realized that my home fell within the dreaded New York City "Zone A" which meant I was under mandatory evacuation orders thanks to our friend Hurricane Irene, suddenly those prized Gucci pumps I was so proud of getting for 70 percent off didn't seem nearly as important as my laptops, irreplaceable documents and mementos, and my favorite pair of jeans. (The ones I've had so long and worn so much that they are on their second round of patchwork. They would be worthless to anyone else but are priceless to me.)

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