Arizona prepares for attack on Voting Rights Act

Arizona is one of more than 26 states that have legislation pending or that has passed concerning voters rights. They played a masterful game of blame. They spent the entire year of 2009 convincing America that the President was evil and out to destroy the country. In 2010, they ran on creating jobs and taking the country back. They were masterful in changing the topic in the media to meet their needs. The majority of these states had a very high voter turnout in 2008 from the poor, elderly, minority and youthful communities. Primarily voting, democratic. This is an assault against those votes.

There is no debating Arizona is known for its deserts, but it appears to be a mirage of democracy as well.

Following last year's intense debate over the state's controversial new immigration law, largely seen as a deliberate attack on Mexican immigrants and their families; the state's Attorney General has now decided to challenge Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which was explicitly designed to protect minority voting interests.

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