Former Obama Adviser Brews A Different Tea Party

It was a sad day when Van Jones was forced to leave his position at the White House. I am glad that he has bounced back with an even stronger voice. I would not necessarily say that his group is the opposite of the Tea Party. In my opinion, his group has a more balanced, strategic purpose. I wish him well on this new endeavor.

Van Jones was President Obama's special adviser for "green" jobs when he was hit with a wave of criticism from conservative pundits about his past associations. The controversy forced him to leave his post in September 2009, but it wasn't the last we'd hear of him.

That same conservative wave went on to make a major splash in Congress through the Tea Party. Jones decided to fight back, founding a group called the "American Dream Movement."

Some people call Jones' group a liberal version of the Tea Party. His inspiration, he tells weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz, is the silent majority of Americans who he believes oppose Tea Party platforms.

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