Bachmann: US ‘king daddy dogs’ in energy resources, but environmentalists locking them up

It is one thing to want to drill for oil in the US. It is another thing to do it responsibly. Unfortunately, I am not sure if 'President Bachmann' will handle this in the correct way. Would she keep any of the regulations in place? Or would she declare them all unconstitutional and get rid of them? I hope we will never find out.

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann claimed Saturday that the United States has more fuel resources than any other country, but blamed what she termed “radical environmentalists” for bottling up American energy policy.

With untapped oil reserves in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off the nation’s coasts, shale oil in Western states, and rich natural gas and coal deposits, she said the U.S. “is sitting on a mother lode of treasure.”

“The United States is the number one country in the world for energy resources,” the Minnesota congresswoman told a central Florida town hall meeting, arguing that in shale deposits alone the U.S. easily outstrips the total oil supply of Saudi Arabia. “That doesn’t even include ... all the oil in Alaska.”

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