Ron Paul scores success in media assault

I have often thought that Ron Paul was getting the shaft by the media. He finished strong in the Iowa straw poll, which is supposed to mean something. Is it because sometimes he makes sense that he is not being sought after to speak on TV shows? Either way I am glad that people are paying attention.

In the campaign to get more attention for his campaign, Ron Paul has scored a win.

The Texas congressman and his legions of vocal supporters turned what they deemed insufficient coverage of his close-second finish at Ames straw poll into a story with legs — and now a whole new set of stories. With a new Gallup poll out this week showing him in third place in the nomination race, Paul is scheduled to appear on “Fox News Sunday” this weekend, and a four-page Time magazine feature on his campaign’s momentum will hit newsstands tomorrow.

Paul’s complaints contributed to Time’s decision to do its first major piece on him this campaign season, said its author, Alex Altman, who blogged about the upcoming piece.

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