McNabb to the Vikings: Childress says a good fit!!

I am happy with this trade. McNabb was not being treated fairly in Wahington under Shanahan. He disrespected him on more than one ocassion during last season. I think this is a good fit because he already has a relationship with the coach.

They worked together in Philadelphia, where the quarterback led the Eagles to several playoff appearances.

All that remains necessary to bring quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Vikings is the news conference to announce the deal.

The negotiations have been nearly completed with a few minor details left to settle, unless the Vikings and McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, have a last-minute disagreement on the terms of a new contract.

McNabb is no stranger to current and past coaching staffs at Winter Park. Former Vikings coach Brad Childress, current coach Leslie Frazier and ex-quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers have worked with the former Syracuse quarterback in the past and studied him on film more than once when the Vikings were considering making a deal for him when he previously was with Philadelphia and now with Washington.

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