Black Valedictorian Can't Be Top Student?

What year are we living in? I hope there is more to this story and the principal had another reason for doing what he did. Unfortunately, I don't that there is. I think this true and sad on so many levels. When will people of color, African American people, stop getting treated like second class citizens? This is unbelievable!!!!!!

Kymberly Wimberly was the top student at McGehee Secondary School in Little Rock, Ark. As is customary, the school named her valedictorian. Shortly after, the school's principal, Darrell Thompson, appointed a white student with a lower grade point average as co-valedictorian to avoid a "big mess" at the majority white school.

For some reason, the principal thought this was acceptable, which is why Wimberly's mother is suing the school system. In the lawsuit, she also states that black students are discouraged from taking honors and Advanced Placement classes and that the school is discriminating against her daughter as valedictorian because Kymberly is a young mother. There hasn't been an African-American valedictorian at the school since 1989.

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