The Common Denominator: Math - A four letter word

In many households, MATH is a four-letter word. Sometimes, the very thought of fractions, word problems, long division, or quadratic equations make many feel uncomfortable and apprehensive about mathematics. Moreover, today’s algebra, geometry, and calculus textbooks are convoluted and filled with pages and pages of unfamiliar math jargon, complex examples, and hundreds of unsolved and confusing problems.

Since math is an integral part of our everyday lives, wouldn't it be nice to have mathematical concepts explained well; made easy to follow; presented  in common everyday language; filled with a lot of examples; and made exclusively for the general public - not mathematicians?  Well, that time is finally here - "The Common Denominator."
The Common Denominator is a "smart" blog- smart in the sense that it consist of essential components for readers to comprehend and apply mathematics.  Many of the concepts in this blog come as a result of over a decade of computing complex algorithms in the military; problems negotiated in computer science as an undergraduate and graduate student, and the time spent teaching Algebra, Geometry, and tutoring Calculus as an Anniston High School math teacher. 
Consequently, each endeavor brought with it a unique experience that gave me an in depth analysis and a dynamic perspective on teaching mathematics and more importantly, how mathematics played a critical role in everyday life.   
Albert Einstein once said, "...any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."  This blog moves in the opposite direction.  Parents, students, and community leaders now have at its disposal a comprehensive mathematical composition that is less complex and less violent and yet consist of a body of work that is reflective of my career as a soldier, scholar, software engineer, and educator.
I am asked most often, "...why are you writing a math blog?"  or they would ask, "... why now?" I would simply echo the sentiments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1967 addressed to the Riverside Church in New York City, "... my conscience leaves me no other choice."
In the coming days, I will present problems and solutions on Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus concepts in video form for the world's viewing pleasure.  So, tell your family and friends to book mark this site, it is your resource for math problems and solutions.  If you have questions, leave a comment.  Don't forget to follow me on twitter: - As new concepts and solutions are completed, you can get immediate feedback. Moreover, if you want to open a dialog, join me on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. central at to discuss these and other issues affecting our lives.


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