Looks like companies are spending on social media... follow the money!

Chris Chiappinelli writes in one of his latest post, "Those in charge of customer relationship management can take heart from a new study that shows a return to spending among marketing departments across a wide range of industries." Of course, this is good news. We that labor in the art and science of social media understands its signicance. Finally, the market concurs.
Here's what Chris had to say, "The semiannual State of Marketing Report, published this week by the CMO Council in collaboration with Deloitte and OpenText, found that 57% of marketers expect an increase in marketing budgets this year. The study represents the views of more than 600 marketers worldwide, most of whom hold the title of chief marketing officer or marketing vice president.

Today’s customer relationship management differs from that of the past in one obvious respect: the proliferation of digital channels and social media outlets through which a business can market to prospects and strengthen ties with existing customers. And marketers who develop those customer relationships are quick to admit their novice status. Just 5% of survey respondents gave themselves “high marks” for their online marketing performance, the CMO Council said in a statement"

Read the full article here...Managing Automation


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