"Anonymous" to launch social networking site AnonPlus

Ok.. this could have some pretty big implications. According to the LA Times, "Anonymous," mainly known for hacking incidents, has been kicked off Google+ and in response, the group is looking to build its own social network called AnonPlus.

The article contends that all of Anonymous' other Google accounts -- Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa, YouTube, etc. -- have been suspended as well. Although, Anonymous announced the suspension on a Tumblr blog, it didn't say exactly why it lost Google product privileges. The blog simply said, "Didn’t take long to get banned from Google+ our Gmail is also gone…"

A screen shot of a message from Google posted on the account for "Your Anon News" said: Your profile is suspended.  After reviewing your profile, we determined that some of the posted content (eg. Text, images) violates out Community Standards. If you believe that your profile has been suspended in error, or you have recently edited your profile to comply with our Community Standards please submit your profile for reconsideration. Your profile will be reviewed again and unblocked if it complies with our Community Standards.

Will this be the beginning of an all out feud? Well, stay tuned. I am sure this is only the beginning!

Source: LA Times


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