Apple Earnings(AAPL): Are they up to par?

I have started reading Steve Jobs' book and I must say, I absolutely love it.  I often wonder what it would be like to produce so many good products.  It was obvious that he had the secret sauce.  Now that he is gone, (may his soul rest in peace)  I now often wonder will Apple ever be the same.  Well if Apple's earnings are a tell-tell sound for where the company is headed, without Steve Job, then it won't be long before we will all know.

Apple Inc. (AAPL), the world's largest company by market capitalization, announced its third-quarter profit on Tuesday that disappointed analysts, who were expecting more from the maker of the phenomenally successful iPad and iPhone. The company said profit rose to $8.8 billion from $7.3 billion a year ago, and $35 billion in revenue. Apple sold 26 million iPhones, up 28 percent over the last year, 4 million Mac computers, a 2 percent jump, and 17 million iPads, an increase of 84 percent. The company announced lower earnings per share outlook for the fourth quarter. Analysts had expected third-quarter revenue of over $37 billion. Many current iPhone users may be waiting for the next generation of the popular smartphone. Unconfirmed reports indicate the next model, the iPhone 5, may be released this fall with a thinner screen and new, smaller dock.


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