What's Holding Back One 'Job Creator'? Not Taxes

This is very interesting. I often wondered about companies in smaller cities and towns being able to meet the demands. This is similar to the Hyundai plant in Alabama that had 2000 jobs to fill. They had to interview 5000 people because a majority of the people could not pass the background check or the drug test. Some people I guess are not motivated enough to go where the jobs are, even if it is out of the way.

There aren't many people on the broad Kansas prairie, but there is industry.

At G.L. Huyett, boxy machines jammed into a big metal building grind steel into heavy transmission parts.

"We're a supplier of last resort," says Tim O'Keefe, who owns the company. If you have disruptions in the supply chain and someone can't meet a shipping time, he says, G.L. Huyett can step in.

It may sound marginal, but it's not: About 100 people work here doing manufacturing, selling and shipping. That's up from just four employees 20 years ago. Longtime employee Wayne Arthur works long hours to keep up with demand.

"It's been 10-hour days and half-days on Saturdays," he says. "And that's been since, probably, April?"

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