Steve Jobs: Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person of the Year

Although I did not catch all of the show, I think Steve Jobs is a great choice. Some of the other people on this list, I was not all that impressed with. However, each one in their own right had a remarkable year.

The choice of Steve Jobs as Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating Person of the Year was an unusual one; the program has never featured a person who is not alive.

In fact, the Apple founder was selected much earlier in the year, when he first retired. After Jobs died, the rule was broken for him. After all, he broke so many rules during his extraordinary life.

A businessman and a visionary, a marketing genius and a romantic, a billionaire and a Zen Buddhist, Jobs was one of a kind. His energy and vision changed the world and made him the choice for Most Fascinating Person of the Year.

Steve Jobs died in October at just 56, after an eight-year battle with cancer. His death was mourned by millions around the world.

"He wanted things insanely great and would take or accept nothing less than that," said Disney president and CEO Bob Iger, Jobs' colleague and close friend.

A college dropout, Jobs co-founded Apple Computer with his friend Steve Wozniak in his parents' basement in 1976. Almost a decade later, he was ousted from the company and embarked on a new path: He purchased and grew Pixar Animation Studios, married, and had three children.

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