Sharief Commentary: Don't hate the player's wife - Hate the game!

This original writing is in response to the recent developements of a string of divorces involving professional athletes: Kobe Bryant, Deion Sanders, Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal, etc. I found it to be interesting and thought provking and decided to post it for people across the nation to wiegh in.  The article was written by a law student at the University of Alabama.... enjoy!

Sharief writes, "Its [DIVORCE] a complex system that happens to all professional althetes. This is my research on african american professional althetes. 85% of all african american althetes are divorced from their wives at the ages of 33 & up at the downturn of their careers." He goes on to say, "This is when the althetes have acculmated a high net worth and they are at the end of their careers - 85% of african american althetes wives file for a divorce - its an astounding number. Ex: Shaq (36 yrs old) - Jason Kidd (36 yrs old) - Bob Whitfield (36) A Rod (33) - Barry Bonds (37) - Kobe (33) - Pat Ewing (36). The list goes on and on.

See, these women marry these men and when they see the end of their careers, they divorce them, take 35% of their net worth, get paid spousal support, and receive a nice piece of child support for the 4 - 5yrs left on their ex husbands contract..."

Here is what I found most interesting about his comments, "Oh yea bro, these women are professional thieves - we read about divorces all day but if we were married to a women that makes $17 million a year - we wouldn't get a DIVORCE - we would STAY. They are married to these men until the end of their careers - its called: Leave at the end of his career while he still have income and they have funneled millions into a shell company to hide it."

"...The payoff is higher if they divorce at that age than if they stay married until he retires because it's financially correct to make off like a bandit at the end of his career!!!"

What do you think, does he have a point?


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