Second Neti-Pot Death From Amoeba Prompts Tap-Water Warning

I am not sure how I feel about this. First it was the apple juice. Yesterday, I reported on mothers having concerns about the secret ingredient in orange juice. Now today, we are concerned about using tap water in the neti pot. What in the world is going???

Washing noses with neti pots or squeeze bottles has become increasingly popular as a home remedy for colds, allergies and sinus trouble. But it's not such a great remedy if it kills you.

Now that two people have died from infection with brain-eating amoebas after using neti pots, doctors are warning: do not put tap water up your nose.

"Drinking water is good to drink, very safe to drink, but not to push up your nose," says Raoult Ratard, state epidemiologist for the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Two residents of his state have died after using neti pots this year, the first known deaths associated with neti pots. "The first one could have been a fluke," Ratard told Shots. But now that we have a second one, the only explanation is the use of the neti pot."

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