The Real Christmas Story

Rev. Jackson has a unique way of placing things in perspective. Often times, we forget how to relate the birth of Christ to the here and now. This is a process that Rev. Jackson is very good at relying to us. He keeps it simple and practical. And it is very easy to understand.

This Christmas, times continue to be hard for many. And that -- amid all the presents, parties and holiday gaiety -- is the real story of this mass we celebrate on the birth of Christ.

As I've reminded throughout the years, the real story isn't about a holiday; it is about a holy day. It's about two people summoned from their home and forced to travel to register so the Roman occupiers could count them. The couple had no place to stay. One brief look, and the innkeeper announced there was no room at the inn. Their baby was born in the cold, in a working barn, set in a rough manger on a straw floor.

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