Paul Flunks the R (Racism) Test for Good Reason

As much as I like Rep. Paul and some of his opinions, he has to give better answers than the ones he has given. There cannot be a double standard for people running for president. Rep. Paul has to sit down and answers these questions without getting angry and frustrated and walking out of the interview. So Mr. Paul, get ready and deal with it!!

Things got worse for GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul when his GOP presidential rival Newt Gingrich called Paul on the carpet for purported racially inflammatory utterances he made in the 1990s in his officially approved newsletters, "Ron Paul's Political Report" and "Ron Paul's Freedom Report," which brought in a considerable haul of cash. Paul's purported half-baked racial scribbles are by now well known. He bashed blacks as chronic welfare grifters, thugs, lousy parents, and said they are inherently racist toward whites. Paul issued a terse denial that he authored or even read any of the racial slanders at the time but there is no evidence that he wrote a correction, or issued a clarification.

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