MLK parade bomber gets 32-year prison sentence

I am glad this is over. This was such a sad day in our history again surrounding the legacy of Dr. King. I am just glad that he was caught.  Now the city can heal from this embarrassing mark against it. I hope, however, he gets some help while he is incarcerated.  It is obvious that something is not quite right with him.

A man who admitted to planting a bomb along a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route was sentenced Tuesday to 32 years in prison, the maximum punishment as negotiated under a plea deal that he tried to withdraw and then later denounced.

"I am not guilty of the acts that I am accused of and that I plead guilty to," Kevin Harpham said just before U.S. District Court Judge Justin Quackenbush handed down the sentence. He only agreed to the deal in September to avoid a possible life sentence, Harpham said.

The statement prompted the judge to impose the higher end of the possible prison sentence, which was negotiated in the plea bargain as between 27 and 32 years. "I am distressed that you appear not the least bit apologetic," Quackenbush said.

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