Mitch McConnell's silence leaves John Boehner out on a limb

In my opinion, Boehner put himself on that limb. I doubt that Mitch McConnell would have come out of the negotiations on Saturday giving high fives if he thought the House would reject the deal. There is no way that all of a sudden McConnell and Boehner are that far a way from each other. However, I do find it odd that we have not heard from McConnell by now, and it is day four of the breakdown. I wonder, will McConnell become the bridge that saves the middle class? Wow, what a thought!!!

Speaker John Boehner stood before a band of fellow House Republicans on Tuesday and angrily demanded the Senate return to the Capitol and extend the payroll tax cut for a full year.

Left out of the photo op: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), the co-architect of the Senate’s two-month tax cut extension. He reached an agreement that has become a throbbing political headache for Boehner and has remained unusually silent as the partisan rancor and gridlock cause a year-end embarrassment for Congress.

While the two men have been remarkably united this year, the year-end package has prompted an unusual amount of confusion, disunity, frustration and increased finger-pointing, both publicly and privately, between House Republicans and Senate Republicans over who is at fault in the political fiasco.

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