Kwanzaa and the Seven Principles: Day Three: Ujima: Collective Work and Responsibility

Today's principle is definitely timely with all that we have going on. It is time that we all take responsibility for our actions. We tend to blame others for our shortcomings, when in reality we are not holding our end of the bargain. We must learn how to work together. We can accomplish much more when we work together. We can help so many more people in need when we work together.

The principle of Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) teaches us that we must build the good and sustainable com-munities, societies and world we all want and deserve to live in and leave to those af-ter us. This means, as Dr. Mary McLeod Be-thune taught us, that “We must remake the world. The task is nothing less than that.” This means engaging and solving the major problems of the world, including: poverty; famine and food insecurity; housing; envi-ronmental degradation; economic security; HIV/AIDS and other health issues; educa-tion; racism; sexism; corporate plunder; war; occupation; crime and the criminal injustice system.

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An insightful blog. Helpful for my Kwanzaa research.Best wishes for your future posts.

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