Kwanzaa and the Seven Principles: Day Four: Ujaama:Cooperative Economics

It seems like every day I am more impressed with how the Kwanzaa principles are in alignment with where we are today. During this time of economic crisis, there should be a commitment of those that have to work to help those that do not. For us to be a nation that claims we were founded on Christian principles, we are not very 'Christlike' when it comes to the needs of the poor. This principle reminds us to take care of one another not just by giving but by teaching as well.

Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) reaf-firms the ethics of the harvest, shared work and shared wealth. It thus is opposed to in-equitable distribution of wealth, and re-source monopoly and plunder by the rich and powerful. And it teaches us to privilege the poor and vulnerable, and uphold the right of all peoples to live lives of freedom, dignity, well-being and ongoing develop-ment. Ujamaa also urges us to give rightful recognition and support to the small farmers and farm workers of the world for the vital role they play in feeding and sustaining peo-ple and the planet, especially in the context of the globalization of agriculture and its destructive effects on the lives and lands of the people.

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