In N.H., Romney steps up attacks on Gingrich

I guess it is about time that Romney attacks Gingrich. I hope Romney does not think that Gingrich is going to play fair. Gingrich is the master of playing politics. In my opinion, if Romney wants to win, he needs to get a backbone and hit Newt where he will feel it.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney escalated his rivalry with Newt Gingrich on Monday with a series of pointed, personal attacks, signaling a more aggressive and negative shift in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Romney took his first jab in an early television interview in which he called on Gingrich to return the more than $1.6 million he earned from consulting for Freddie Mac — the start of a back-and-forth over which candidate is greedier.

Gingrich has said he served as a historian for the mortgage giant, to which Romney remarked: “That would make him the highest-paid historian in history.” Romney added, “One of the things that I think people recognize in Washington is that people go there to serve the people and then they stay there to serve themselves.”

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