In Budget Negotiations, White House Throws A Curve Ball On Omnibus Bill

Here we go again. If Congress waits until the last minute this year to vote on a budget, I am going to start a movement to get rid of all of them. Some of those guys have been there too long and have forgotten that they work for the people. There should be no more short deals that only solve pieces of the problem. We need to make some major changes and they continue to play with people's lives.

In a move that could dramatically shake up late-stage budget negotiations in Congress, the White House on Wednesday night issued a public statement alerting lawmakers that the administration was not comfortable with the current contours of a deal.

White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer once again urged Congress to pass a short-term extension of the current federal budget so that negotiations over a long-term appropriations bill could continue. There were, Pfeiffer said, several unresolved issues with the long-term omnibus bill, chief among them policy riders that would alter previously passed legislation and compromise executive powers.

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