Gary Johnson to drop out of GOP primary to run as a Libertarian

There are a couple of GOP candidates that are being shut out buy the party. Buddy Roemer is another candidate that has never been invited to a GOP debate to get their name out there. I really think that the establishment did not want these guys to be heard on the national stage because they would upstage the 'chosen' ones. Good luck Mr. Johnson..

Gary Johnson will quit the Republican primaries and seek the Libertarian Party nomination instead, POLITICO has learned.

The former two-term New Mexico governor, whose campaign for the GOP nomination never caught fire, will make the announcement at a press conference in Santa Fe on Dec. 28. Johnson state directors will be informed of his plans on a campaign conference call Tuesday night, a Johnson campaign source told POLITICO.

The move has been expected for weeks — Johnson had run a New Hampshire-centric effort that never got him past a blip in the polls. He appeared at only two nationally televised debates, and only one in which other major candidates took part.

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