Did John Boehner reverse GOP on tax policy?

John Boehner, in my opinion, has been the worst Speaker in modern history. He fails to show real leadership on hard issues. He panders to this 'made up' base. All the while, leaving the people who voted for him, out to dry.  I will be glad when his reign as Speaker is over!!!

Speaker John Boehner might have just set Republicans on a brand new ideological course, arguing that the party needs to be more fiscally responsible when cutting taxes.

In the payroll tax holiday bill passed Tuesday evening, the GOP - led by Boehner - offset the cost; it cut money from the Social Security trust fund.

Boehner was asked, in what amounted to little more than an off-handed question at a press conference focused on Senate Democrats, whether this signals a shift in how his party would handle tax cuts.

Would Republicans offset the revenue lost from tax cuts in the future?

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