All Points Bullentin: Looking for the REAL Speaker of the House!!!

I do not recall Nancy Pelosi's leadership ever being called into question when she was Speaker. Even on some of the most controversial bills in recent history, when she took it to the floor for a vote, she had the votes. She never stood before the media blaming the Senate or the President for the shortcomings of her caucus.

I am tired of Speaker Boehner getting a 'pass' on his lack of leadership. Yet, he stands in front of the media and questions the President's leadership. His strings are being pulled and I am not sure who is doing the pulling. To blame the 'tea party' is too simple, too easy. So, members in Congress are willing to play games with millions of peoples lives just to prove a point. Exactly what is the point they are trying to make? I am beginning to think that what is going on in DC is bordering on the lines of criminal.

Who will be the first to press charges on the Congress of the United States for failing to do their job?

Let me know your thoughts.....


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