Where Are They Now?: 7 Protest Songs With Legs

My husband and I discussed this very issue on our radio show today. Who will be the artist of our generation to write a song for the 'Movement'? A song that will last the test of time. Who among us could write such a song? Of course Stevie Wonder could or Bob Dylan could. But what about will.i.am or the The Roots? Let's hope that someone gives us a song for this season that we are in.

People protest different things. But they often use the same songs. And no matter what the movement's goals are, the people in them sing.

Joe Hill repurposed Baptist hymns for workers' rights at the turn of the last century. Zilphia Horton cultivated empowerment anthems and activists like Rosa Parks in workshops she ran out of the Highlander Folk School in the 1930s and '40s. Pete Seeger sang from the back of a pickup truck in the South during the civil rights movement. Helen Reddy made "I Am Woman" a generation later

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