Tyrese: 'I am committed to speaking uncomfortable truth'

I love the fact that Tyrese spoke up and is not apologizing for it. Most would have back tracked by now because of the cost factor. However, Tyrese knows that his source is not in man, but in God. A lesson I wish more entertainers would get.

Last week a Delaware radio station owner and program director had R&B singer, actor and recent author Tyrese Gibson thrown out of the station and banned from its airwaves.

Immediately after an unrehearsed commentary and challenge to the radio audience regarding a trip to a liquor store across the street from a local elementary school, the DJ doing the interview informed Tyrese that he would not be introducing any new music and in fact had to leave the station.

Tony Q, the owner of the largest hip-hop station in Delaware stated in a letter posted on the station's website that Gibson used the term homey, which "downgraded" his audience and this was not going to be tolerated.

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