Survey Sheds Light on TV's Diversity Problem

It all makes sense now. However, it still does not make me want to watch too many shows this seasons. I am even abandoning shows that I may have watched in the past like CSI and The Good Wife because of their lack of color.

The near-whiteout at the 2011 Emmy Awards drew criticism from The Root and other sources. But the problem for this show, or for its sibling, the Oscars, is about who the directors are. Producers hire directors, and the directors decide who and what goes on the screen. But Hollywood's overwhelmingly white male producers rarely hire blacks, Latinos, Asians or women of any background as directors.

A new Directors Guild of America report shows how woeful the record is, but it's the same news -- just a different day. The report analyzed more than 2,600 episodes produced in the 2010-2011 television season for more than 170 scripted television series shown on broadcast TV, basic cable and premium cable. The shows were produced by production companies including ABC, CBS, Fox, HBO, NBC, Sony and Warner Bros.

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