School Layoffs About to Fall Heaviest on the Poorest and Most Struggling

This is the beginning of an unfortunate wave of events for the nation's children. New York City's students will be the latest victims in this aimless attack on our education system. These changes taking place all in the name of saving money.

The pink slips have gone out, and if no deal is reached by Friday, 716 of New York City’s lowest-paid workers — school aides, parent coordinators and other members of school support staffs — will lose their jobs, the latest victims of budget cuts to the public schools.

Nearly 350 schools will be affected, in a scattered pattern, according to a list of layoffs by school, which was obtained and analyzed by The New York Times. Entire school districts and one borough, Staten Island, are untouched, but schools that serve large numbers of poor or struggling students are disproportionately affected, as are schools receiving federal money to improve results after years of weak performance.

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