A Rush To Calm Alabama's Frightened Families

This is the human side of bad legislation. Children should not have to worry about this while they are at school. Parents should not have to worry about their children at school. I am glad that the DOJ has stepped in and asked for the law to be blocked.

Roughly 80 people, most of them Spanish-speaking women and children, packed the media center of Tarrant Elementary School, just north of Birmingham, Ala., recently. Considering the number of kids in the room and spilling out into the hallways, there was surprisingly little noise.

It was a "Know Your Rights" meeting, meant to calm fears and familiarize families with their legal rights in light of Alabama's tough new immigration law.

Activists and educators are reaching out to Hispanic families in Alabama who are worried about what the law will mean for them. The measure requires schools to record the immigration status of all newly enrolled students.

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