Ron Paul wins Values Voter poll ahead of Herman Cain

It amazes me how things that were significant 5 years ago during an election, or no longer relevant this cycle. What has changed? I thought the 'polls' were to suppose to help us make better decisions about the candidates. I guess they are only relevant when they say what media wants and what the advocacy/lobbyist groups want. Oh well ...

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas turned out his well-organized crop of supporters Saturday and won a presidential preference straw poll with 37% of the vote.

Coming in second place in the poll of social conservatives at the annual Values Voter Summit was retired pizza chain executive Herman Cain, who pulled in 23% of the vote.

Cain, who won a surprise victory in a straw poll last month in Florida, delivered a rousing speech Friday afternoon in which he joked about the pressure that comes with breaking into the “top tier” of candidates in the GOP primary race. Cain’s showing was considerably better than the two presumed frontrunners. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry didn’t do so well. Perry won 8%, and Romney took just 4%.

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