Romney won't stop boos at GOP debates

Of course he is not going to say anything, he has too much to lose. Romney will talk tough only when it is about the President. He is scared of Perry and kisses up to the Tea Party. By not addressing the audiences when they are out of order, says a lot more about him than the audience.

Mitt Romney said that though he disagrees with some of the audience booing that’s happened at Republican debates — including of a gay soldier two weeks ago in Orlando — he doesn’t believe he should be the one to stop it.

“I think we can hear the boos,” Romney told the Union Leader of Manchester, N.H., Monday, in an a 70-minute interview broadcast on C-SPAN. “I would tell you that in these debates there has been a lot of booing and a lot of applause. Cheering and booing. Some of which I don’t agree with. Now I have not made it my practice to scold the audience and say, ‘I disagree with this person, I agree with that person,’ because it goes in a lot of different directions. I don’t recall with this soldier whether people were booing his question or just booing him.”

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