Protect Life Act Passes House: Congress Passes Controversial Anti-Abortion Bill

I thought this Congress was working on job creation. Why are they voting on and passing bills that are about abortion? How many jobs is this going to create? When will the people finally wake up and realize that this Congress is not for the people. This was not a part of their election campaign last fall. I am sick of them making up issues instead of dealing with the real issues that we have.

After an emotional floor debate, the House of Representatives on Thursday passed the so-called Protect Life Act, which prohibits women from buying health insurance plans that cover abortion under the Affordable Care Act and makes it legal for hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women with life-threatening conditions.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), a proponent of the bill, told voters last week that its purpose is "to ensure that no taxpayer dollars flow to health care plans that cover abortion and no health care worker has to participate in abortions against their will."

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