Poll: Well-off say tax the rich

According to every poll, the American people have been saying the same thing for several months now. It appears as if the only people not following the poll numbers are those in Congress. I hope we don't have to have an all out riot/protest for those in DC to get it. But if so, then so be it!!!!

President Obama has a lot of support for his proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy, even among the financially well-off, new polls show.

Two new polls show similar levels of support for a millionaire tax among those earning more than $100,000, and among Americans more broadly.

Among those earning at least $100,000, nearly two-thirds - 65 percent - would support income tax increases on households earning $1 million or more annually, says a poll commissioned by American Express.

The concept of raising taxes on millionaires drew similar support in a survey gauging support among all Americans, conducted by CBS. Sixty-four percent of respondents said that they would support a tax on millionaires “in order to lower the deficit,” while only 30 percent would oppose it.

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