Not even close: Romney crushes the field

Although I did not watch the debate, I followed the comments on Twitter. Also, my husband would shout from the other room whenever I needed to change the channel and check it out. According to all accounts, Mitt Romney clearly won. I predicted that he would, so I am not that surprised. He came in on a high note after getting the endorsement from Gov. Christie.

The Post-Bloomberg debate was the most substantive and well-behaved of the Republican presidential debates to date. Although I was skeptical of a single debate topic (the economy), it did help to focus the contenders and separate the good from the bad from the ugly performances.

Certainly, Mitt Romney has to be very pleased. He was smooth as silk, deflecting a question on RomneyCare, explaining the problems of community banks, and driving home the key message: He is the only candidate ready for prime time. He amped up the populism, continuing on his China currency crusade and tweaking the Texas governor for the huge number of uninsured residents.He also scored a point on national security, telling the audience that defense cuts were a really bad idea. More importantly, he didn’t need to dismantle Herman Cain. That happened at Cain’s own hands with some help from Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), Rick Santorum and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) He managed to drop New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s name, reminding voters and press alike that this may have been his best day in the race.

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