NBA lockout hitting some cities hard

This is the part of the story that is missing in the media. I mentioned the same issue during the NFL lockout. There are so many people that are connected to these teams, not just the players and owners. There are a lot of small businesses that will be affected by this lockout. Unfortunately, once again, profit trumps people.

Across the street from Quicken Loans Arena, a building that rocks and rolls from November until April as home to the Cavaliers, reality is posted on a wall.

Harry Buffalo is one of the downtown restaurants in Cleveland that counts heavily on the beer-drinking, burger-devouring NBA crowd to keep its doors open. Operations manager John Adams has taped an internet report outside the kitchen for his waitresses, bartenders and cooks to read.

With yellow highlighter, he's shaded the grim news of the NBA labor impasse for his employees, some of whom may soon lose their jobs if there's no deal.

This is where the lockout hits home, and hits hardest.

"It's rough," Adams said, glancing toward The Q. "I've got three single moms on my wait staff and two single dads in the kitchen. I've got their 11 children to think about. It's painful when it's out of my control, when I have to put the business first and say I can't have 15 servers on staff because we don't have the business."

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