Million Man March, Farrakhan forgotten at MLK dedication

When the new date was announced, I wondered if a big deal would be made of it being the anniversary of the Million Man March. I have mixed emotions about whether or not should have been mentioned. Who would have said something? Could it have been said at Jobs and Justice rally the day before? Who was there that could have made reference to it and given it justice? I don't have the answers. This was all about King. There weren't many references made to many other people at all. The most notable was from Rev. Bernice King in reference to her mother, Coretta Scott King. Which I thought was very appropriate. Only time will tell if this will be determined a mistake or an oversight.

Many around the world watched with great pride as President Obama spoke at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication. Black civil rights, political, and entertainment royalty were present, surrounded by thousands of people who wanted to be close to the tribute on the National Mall for a non-president.

Everyone from Rev. Al Sharpton and members of the Congressional Black Caucus to Nikki Giovanni and Aretha Franklin were there as presenters and participants alike. References were made to all forms of black resistance and struggle, providing the audience with a picture of the movements that shifted the country and the world to change. That is all but one movement and its leader.

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