In tight Virginia races, Democrats cutting ties to Obama

I understand that they are trying to win an election. But to be a Democrat and say that you will not vote for the Democratic President in reelection, is unacceptable. This is why the President's job has been so difficult. he continues to have to fight against his own party. I hope he remembers who they are, because they will need him before he needs them.

Three years ago, Democrats in Virginia couldn’t get enough of Barack Obama — a popular, transformational figure running for his first term as president.

But as Obama arrives in Virginia Tuesday for a two-day swing to promote parts of his jobs plan, some Democrats are distancing themselves from him — even in supposedly blue Northern Virginia.

Less than a month before critical legislative elections, several Democratic legislators say they have reservations about the president and will not commit to supporting him next year. At least one longtime state senator has announced he will not vote for Obama in 2012.

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