Climate Change Could Make Chocolate A Luxury Item, Report Finds

Some body is in a lab right now researching how to make artificial chocolate taste like real chocolate. I will personally play close attention to this story. I am a huge fan of chocolate. If I have to rely on artificial to get my fix, could be tragic.

Chocolate lovers, embrace those chocoholic fixes now. A recent report from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture predicts it could become a luxury product if West Africa's temperatures rise thanks to climate change.

The world's $9 billion chocolate industry gets almost half of its cocoa from West African farmers in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), reports

According to the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, if Ghana and the Ivory Coast experience a 2.3 Celsius degree jump in temperature by 2050, the climate won't be suitably cool enough to grow the crop.

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